My apologies for not being able to update my blog. I was in Alice Springs without internet or cell phone service, and therefore unable to make any updates!

Before I begin to describe my wonderful adventures in the Outback, I would like to make a side note – I’M HOME! I arrived back in Canada Sunday May 29 at 1:00am. Most people have been saying, “Oh no! That sucks you had to come home so early!” So before you start thinking that, I would like to explain that it was MY choice to come home early, and for a variety of legit reasons.

Sunday May 22

This morning Ian and I flew to Alice Springs from Cairns at 11:35. With only 30 minutes of a time difference (Alice Springs is 30 minutes behind Cairns time), we landed at 1:00, Alice time.

Peeking out the window of the airplane as we were landing excited me. I have been so use to seeing “city” from an eagle-eye view, but now I was in the Outback, and the ground was red and orange.

Not much changed when we stepped off of the plane. Red and orange dirt covered the land. High mountains were towering over us, dark orange with tints of red and lush green (as the rainy season that just past in Alice was heavy this year).

After hopping on a bus to our hostel, we stopped at the famous landmark: the welcoming sign to Alice Springs!

It was a pleasant change of scenery, compared to all of the other cities I’ve visited in Australia thus far. Alice is somewhat sad, however. It’s full of aboriginal people who look less fortunate, with many being homeless in the city. “In town” consists of a few big stores, such as K-Mart and Coles. There’s not much to it here, but that’s why it’s so beautiful: the abandon, the simplicity of the town yet the complexity of nature, the people.

The weather was gorgeous too: 30 degrees with a nice breeze and a few white clouds in the sky. I spent the afternoon lounging by my hostels (Haven Backpackers Hostel & Resort) small pool, reading Cosmo and lathering on the sunscreen every half-hour. It felt like home in a sense. I was so very content.

Monday May 23
*(Please excuse the point-form blog from here on out)
– Ian and I were picked up at 6:10am by Adventure Tours for our exploration of The Outback!
– Stopped at a camel farm were we were able to go on a camel ride:
– …and play with domesticated Dingos:
– Continued on our way to Uluru/Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta
– Hiked through Kata Tjuta (translates to “Many Heads”)
– Rocks go 6K deep
– Fly nets = best. invention. ever.
– Ended the day at Uluru/Ayers Rock and sipped champagne during sunset:

Tuesday May 24
– Woke up at 5:00am to watch the sunrise at Ayers Rock/Uluru
– Walked the base of Ayers Rock (almost 10K, a 2.5 hour walk) 

– Spent the rest of the day exploring more of the rock and visiting the Aboriginal Art Centre. Continued our adventure and drove to our campground at Kings Canyon.

Wednesday May 25
– Woke up at 6:30 (heard wild dingos howling in the early morning). Drove to Kings Canyon. Walked throughout the canyon for 3 hours.

– Drove to Glen Helen after lunch on the Marinee Loop where we would be staying for the night.

Thursday May 26
– Drove to Palm springs and explored
– headed back to Alice Springs at our Haven Backpacker Hostel & Resort
– Flew to Melbourne the next day (27) and spent the night with friends there. My Australia Tour was officially over 😦 I flew back to Canada on the 28 of May from Melbourne – LA – Dallas – Toronto.


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