Surfing Photos have been FOUND!

I’m super stoked because my Surfing photo’s taken of me have finally been found! The pics of me Scuba Diving I’m afraid are forever lost, but at least I got these babies! Enjoy!


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Exploring the land down under!
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2 Responses to Surfing Photos have been FOUND!

  1. Lindsay Egan says:

    Hey! Hey! I was just fooling around on the internet cause I was board and missed Australia and some how I landed on your blog and realized you, Ian and I all hung out at Spot X. I remember handing out at the camp fire with you two and we chatted about random surf. One thing that sticks out in my mind is how much you admire Keith Ledger for being such a great actor, especially in the movie the Dark Night. So how was the rest of your trip in Australia?

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