“Everyday, you should do something that scares you. It reminds you you’re still alive.”

Tuesday May 17

This morning I woke up in a foul mood. I was upset because I was hoping to finally get my iPhone back (that I had lost over a week ago) last night when arriving at the hostel, but no luck. This morning I had checked again, and they said the same thing – they had no idea what I was talking about. I felt sick this morning too, and the weather was crappy.

It was my first morning in Cairns. I was able to sleep in and stay in a beautiful hostel (Gilligans – www.gilligans.com.au) with my own, gorgeous, private room. However my mood was taking over. Ian and I decided to go do something around noon, and that’s when things started to look up.

A lady in marketing named Vanessa that works at the hostel greeted me with my iPhone. I smothered her (the iPhone) in kisses and told her that “Mama would never loose her again”. One minute later, I booked a bungee jumping excursion that I would leave for in 5 minutes. The sun was breaking through the sky. Everything suddenly shifted.

I was happy again. I was happy and STOKED. I was going bungee jumping. I was about to jump off of a platform 164 feet in the air into a small pond-type thing. I was about to cross yet another thing off of my bucket list. I was in Cairns! I felt like a little girl.

We hopped on the bus that provided free transportation to AJ Hackett. After a scenic 20-minute drive, our group of about 8 arrived! We signed in, weighed in, and psyched ourselves up for the crazy jump. We had to walk up a few flights of stairs, and then there we were… at the top of the tower! The weather wasn’t GREAT, but it wasn’t horrible either. It was drizzle-raining and cloudy, but not too cold, and luckily the rain stopped at my turn to jump.
Two friendly Aussies tied a cloth-like material around my ankles and buckled me up with harnesses and ropes. I shimmied over to the edge (I felt like I was a pirate walking the plank), looked up at the beautiful trees, mountains, and ocean in the distance, and…….
I felt like a bird. A free bird just soaring into the air – and then I dropped. The drop felt so fast, and just when your about the hit the water, you get sling-shotted back up from the bungee rope. The blood rushed to my head and face, but it was all good because I couldn’t stop laughing (and screaming & swearing).

A fellow on a paddleboat paddled out to grab me, I reached for a stick and was gently laid onto the little boat.
We took the bus back just in time for dinner, where Ian and I stopped at a Pier Bar & Grill – $10 dinner meals (a meal being a steak, salad, and fries) that included a beverage (even beer or wine!).

Unbelievable! Cheap and so yummy – and it was just across from the ocean!  I chopped on my delicious salad and flat bread with pesto dip while wearing my new fedora– life is beautiful.



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