Spending the day in Byron Bay

Sunday May 15

Our itinerary allowed for Ian and I to have all the freedom in the world to explore Byron Bay our own way! Having been exhausted from the past two days of surfing, we slept in and journeyed out towards the lighthouse (the most eastern part of Australia!) around noon.
 Apparently there are two ways to get to the lighthouse – the easy way, or the hard way. Ian and I were somewhat forced to take the hard way (the easy way was closed off), which was basically like working out on the Stairmaster at the gym. It was beautiful non-the-less, but I won’t lie, I broke a sweat while walking in my Birkenstocks.

After hiking for about an hour, we spotted the lighthouse!

The scenery was exactly what Google images put it out to be – absolutely stunning. The waves were crashing into the rocks, and the little white lighthouse sat on top of the mountain. The beach was full of surfers, and the clouds gave break to the beautiful sun.
Ian and I ventured inside of the lighthouse (we couldn’t go up at the top) and grabbed a snack for a little break. We walked down to the very tip – THE most eastern part of Australia.

It is so hard to explain its beauty in words; you simply just have to go see it yourself.

We then met up with two Canadian girls we had met the day before on our bus to Byron, and walked home with them along the beach just as the sun was setting.

We arrived back at our hostel and we were pretty glad about our timing because it started pouring rain! We waited for the rain to cease, and then walked two minutes to a Sushi restaurant (we have both been craving Sushi since we got here) for dinner. Can’t wait for more adventures tomorrow!


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