6 more sleeps until take off!

It’s hard to believe that over a year ago I won this trip to Australia (thanks to CampusPerks –  http://blog.campusperks.ca/ and Tourism Australia – http://www.tourism.australia.com/en-au/ ). It’s even harder to believe that in 6 days I will be flying into Melbourne!

For the first month (May 5th – May 27th) or so, I’ll be following a specialized itinerary prepared by Tourism Australia. Some highlights of my itinerary includes going on bike rides in St. Kilda (Melbourne), watching a Penguin Parade in Phillip Island, checking out Bondi Beach, hiking up to the Blue Mountains, learning how to surf at Mojo Surf School, chillin’ at Byron Bay, busing it to Brisbane, flying to Cairns, exploring the jungle at Cape Tribulation, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, flying to Alice Springs in THE OUTBACK where I’ll be riding camels and travelling to the Ayers Rock Resort to check out Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Then I’m off to Kings Canyon, and then back to Melbourne!

As for the second part of the trip (May 27 – June 28), I have no concrete plans thus far… I guess I’ll see where the wind takes me!


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